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A shipping container location is transformed into a glowing greenhouse.  

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With the art series TULIP MANIA, artist Sven Sauer dares an experiment without knowing how it will end.

A self-destruction mechanism is built into the artworks by smart contract.
With every resale of the paintings, they destroy themselves piece by piece.


The large-format light and sound installation contains 5 digital works that show radiant tulip landscapes."Tulipmania" is based on the first documented speculative bubble of mankind.

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In the 17th century, the exotic plant gained a high reputation. It became a rarity, not least because of its susceptibility to disease. That fueled the market even more. Within a very short time, a tulip bulb was worth more than a family home in Amsterdam. This trade is possible even if the buyers have no money at all and put everything on resale. Even just the prospect of acquiring a new bulb was speculated on. The bubble burst and the recession began. The tulips are completely disappearing from the Dutch scene. For decades, even depictions in family crests were considered ominous.


Speculative transactions have also arrived in the art market. In the past, it would have been impossible to express a purely economic interest in art. But today, the question of what a work will be worth in two years has become increasingly commonplace. The speculator has joined the classic collector type. 


Sven Sauer creates works that expose these speculators. The decay of the pictures is irreversible: the former state cannot be restored. With these works, the responsibility for a work of art is transferred to the collector.

The collector has to decide: Are they interested in the quick buck, destroying the work irrevocably - or do they want to preserve the artwork for later generations?


The exhibition runs from 11.11. to 26.11. at POP KUDAMM on Kurfürstendamm, just around the corner from the Gedächtniskirche.




The mission of POP KUDAMM is to create a place for cultural diversity and development of modernity. Spaces for conceptual interaction between art, commerce, intellect and brand.

They baldow out hand-picked, curated content that is meant to stimulate, excite, tingle, send out a ping and desire a pong.

Ergo, they research in their location of shipping containers, operating in a wide variety of fields of interest. In niches. In fields of tension. Also in discussions. With brains and yet with pleasure UnVerkopft. These are their words and our bridge to our exhibition TULIP MANIA.


WED-SUN 12-20h 


OPENING WE (Invitation only)  

11.11.22 from 7pm

12.11.22 from 5.30pm


ARTIST IS PRESENT (Invitation only - sign up via newsletter registration) 

18.11.22 from 7 pm


THE CLASH - Are you an art lover or a speculator? 

(Lottery of the seats, because very limited.

Please mail to with the subject THE CLASH)

19.11.22 7pm


POP KUDAMM, Kurfürstendamm 229 



You want to see it live? 
register for the Newsletter an get the Code for the special day 18th of nov. 

Thank you for the registration. 


Tulip Mania Installation:

Sven Sauer



Bony Stoev



Clara SauerCarsten Beier


Photographers & Drone Pilots:

Anders Andersson

Curtis Hilbun 

Hans Elbers


Technical Support:


Projectmanagement POP KUDAMM:

Joerg Suehrmann


Operator POP KUDAMM:

Till Harter 


Communikation Pop KUDAMM:

Michelle Weber

Jolanda Todt

Speaker Audio Guide German:

Mario Klischies


Speaker Audio Guide English:

Yvette Coetzee-Hannemann



The Clash 19.11. 


Oliver Wronka

Mario Klischies


Jessica Schmidt

Aufbauteam Ausstellung:

Johannes Koch

Max Astolfi

Marco Kuno Riedel | REQUISIT


Aufbauteam Installation:

Nico Kunzfeld

Tessa Billens

Jule Zimmermann

Jan Brugger


Danke an:

Angela Cremer

Andreas Kramer

Jana Encev

Stephanie Gilbers

Daniel Bourgos

Tony Weigel

Farbian Marcel Engelsdorfer

Geron von Drateln

Speaker Search 
Kirill Barybin



We are happy to have POP KUDAMM as location partner and organiser to exhibit TULIP MANIA. Thanks to the whole team. 


We thank our cooperation partner Hotel Berlin Berlin for their support and look forward to many more moments of experience with you. 



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